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U.S. DOE Smart Grid Grants

Grant information

What: Part of the Grid Resilience Innovation Partnership (GRIP) programs, Smart Grid Grants is designed to increase the flexibility, efficiency, and reliability of the electric power system, with particular focus on: 

  • Increasing capacity of the transmission system  
  • Preventing faults that may lead to wildfires or other system disturbances 
  • Integrating renewable energy at the transmission and distribution levels 
  • Facilitating the integration of increasing electrified vehicles, buildings, and other grid-edge devices  

Smart grid technologies funded and deployed at scale through this program must demonstrate a pathway to wider market adoption. The Smart Grid Grant program will invest up to $3 billion ($600 million/year for Fiscal Years 2022-2026) in grid resilience technologies and solutions.

Potential Applicants:

  •  Institutions of higher education
  • For-profit entities
  • Non-profit entities
  • State and local governmental entities
  • Tribal nations

How Much:

  • Approximately 25-40 awards for up to $30 million


Concept papers are due December 16, 2022

Full Applications due March 17, 2023

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