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Grant Maintenance

Grant recipients are one part of the complex process of grant implementation. To ensure a successful grant program, there are several requirements that must be met and maintained. In this section, you will find helpful resources to remain in compliance and effectively execute the grant program. To learn more, visit the Grant Maintenance Learning Library to review short video tutorials on grant requirements and processes.

Grant Maintenance Quick Reference Library

Topic Description
Administration vs. Programmatic Costs What is the difference between administration and programmatic costs?
Bondability Requirements Special requirements for bond funded grants.
Conflict of Interest Policy Guide DCEO suggests you create a Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure grant funds are spent appropriately.​
Consolidated Year End Financial Report DCEO suggests you create a Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure grant funds are spent appropriately.​
Grant Monitoring Understand your ongoing responsibilities to provide grant information to the Department.
Grant Reporting Understand your deliverables and due dates.
Grantee Audit Requirements Understand your audit requirements.
Indirect Cost and Indirect Cost Rate The rate applicable to costs not tied directly to the grant.
Interest Bearing Account Grant funds must be maintained in an insured and interest-bearing account.
Pre-award Costs What if I spent money before the grant period?
Prevailing Wage Fact Sheet Understand & comply with the Prevailing Wage Act.
Prior Written Approval What needs to be approved ahead of time?
Procurement All goods and services must follow procurement standards in 2 CFR 200. This document describes how to comply with those standards.
Remedies for Non-Compliance How do I fix a mistake in my grant implementation?
Requirements for Pass-Through Entities Understand how to manage an outside organization as part of your grant.
Sexual Harassment Policy Requirements ​All grantees are required to have a policy that addresses sexual harassment in the workplace that meets specific requirements.
Subrecipient or Subcontractor Determination Understand the requirements when you use an outside organization to implement your grant.