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How to Receive Your Money

The first step to receiving your money is to execute your grant agreement. Please do the following as soon as you receive your grant agreement.

  1. Read the agreement to understand all aspects of how to receive your funds. Be sure to read the appendices of your agreement, as these explain the scope and deliverables of your grant.
  2. The budget is critical, as this describes what expenditures are allowed in your grant. If you anticipate a change in your program expenses, reach out to your grant manager immediately to modify the budget.

Important Topics

          Topic ​Description
Grant Reporting  Understand your deliverables and due dates. 
 Prevailing Wage Fact Sheet Understand & comply with the Prevailing Wage Act.        
Remedies for Non-Compliance How do I fix a mistake in my grant implementation?
Subrecipient or Subcontractor Determination Understand the requirements when you use an outside organization to implement your grant.
Requirements for Pass-Through Entities Understand how to manage an outside organization as part of your grant.
Bondability Requirements ​Special requirements for bond funded grants.