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Other CEJA Programs

Interested in providing input about one of these CEJA programs or applying for funding to deliver these programs? Please see our Notice of Funding Opportunities and Requests for Information page here. (provide a link to the new page).

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In addition to the workforce and contractor programs, DCEO is charged with implementing the following CEJA programs:

  • Energy Transition Community Grant Program. Grants to communities that have experienced or will experience a fossil fuel or nuclear plant or mine closure. Grant funds can be used to address the economic and social impact on the community of the plant retirement or transition.
  • Community Solar Energy Sovereignty Grant Program. Grants to municipalities and community organizations to support the predevelopment and development of solar community projects that promote community ownership and energy sovereignty.
  • Coal to Solar Energy Storage Grant Program. Incentives to install energy storage facilities at the sites of five former coal plants that are either closed or in the process of closing. These awards have been made, and the program will not accept further applications. For information on awarding these grants, see the program announcements.