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Fedcelerator Framework

The Connect Illinois Fedcelerator federal broadband accelerator framework offers general guidance for Connect Illinois applicants seeking to leverage federal, state, and local funding to deploy fully scalable broadband networks in unserved and underserved areas in Illinois. In particular, the framework seeks to:

  • Maximize federal funding for Illinois deployment
  • Promote investment in fully scalable broadband infrastructure
  • Accelerate federally funded broadband project deployment schedules to ensure completion within three years and meet urgent needs for improved connectivity exposed under COVID-19

For a Connect Illinois grantee to apply federal funding as required nonstate match contribution to the Connect Illinois program, the grantee must expand the project area and number of new locations to homes, businesses, or community anchor institutions included in its federal award.  As general guidance, the Illinois Office of Broadband may contribute up to one-half of total project costs for Connect Illinois projects that include a direct federal broadband award provided:

  • Total Connect Illinois nonstate match is 50% or more
  • Federal award comprises no more than 80% of Connect Illinois nonstate match
  • Expanded project area includes un/underserved contiguous locations/census blocks
  • Technology scalable to at least 100/100 Mbps
  • Deployment completed within three years