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Cannabis Social Equity Program

Pursuant to the Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act (“CRTA”) 410 ILCS 705, cannabis became legal for adult use in Illinois on January 1, 2020. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) mission under the CRTA is to develop accessible opportunities for technical assistance and access to capital for persons seeking to participate in the Illinois cannabis business industry, subject to appropriations from the Cannabis Business Development Fund. 

DCEO established the Cannabis Social Equity Loan Program for the purposes of providing financial assistance to social equity applicants.

Through the Illinois Cannabis Social Equity Loan Program, DCEO is committed to connecting people and communities that have been historically impacted by arrests and imprisonment for cannabis offenses to opportunities to participate in the legal cannabis industry.

Latest Updates

  • DCEO finalized the first round of its social equity loan program, which was available to craft growers, transporters, and infusers.  View a list of program participants who received funding during the first round.
  • Round 2 applications for the Cannabis Social Equity Loan Program are now closed.

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