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Submit a Location

Things to Remember When Working with Filmmakers:

  • Ask how many days and what hours the company will be in your town/building/site, etc.
  • Find out what is being filmed. Have them describe the scenes completely.
  • Will there be an advance group coming in to prepare the site for the film crew?
  • How many people can you expect to be involved with the production?
  • Is an assembly or staging area required for equipment or personnel?
  • Where will the production vehicles park?
  • Will an extra power source be used for lighting, or will access to an internal source be required?
  • How much additional security, police or other personnel will be required?
  • Will there be alterations to property?
  • Will any areas be closed off to the public?
  • Where will the cast and crew be fed their meals?
  • What is the best point of access for the filmmakers and their equipment?
  • It is always easier if there is only one contact person at the location and with the company.
  • How soon will things be restored if need be?
  • Make sure they return the property to its original condition.
  • Try to be flexible with the production companies and realize that schedule changes are not uncommon.

Regarding Insurance...Ask to see proof of:

  • Third party property damage
  • Personal injury/liability
  • Hold harmless agreement (will insure against any and all liability claims)
  • Comprehensive general liability

Location Agreement Tips:

  • You can put riders on the contract. Be prepared that it may take additional approval time.
  • The agreement allows for a company to come back if necessary at a mutually agreeable time.
  • Feel free to take photos of the area to be used for filming before the company comes to use as a reference later if needed.

  • Let the company know of any restrictions at the initial meeting.
  • Try to be flexible with the production companies and realize that schedule changes are not uncommon.

Submit Your Property as a Potential Film Location:

Illinois Property owners can submit locations to be considered for future productions.  To submit your property, please fill out the form below and the Illinois Film Office will contact you.  Once contacted, you will be asked to submit electronic photos of your property for use in our extensive location library.

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