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Economic Data

Why do we promote Illinois as an ideal film production destination? It’s simple: the film business has a sizable impact on the Illinois economy and brings thousands of jobs to the state each year.

Since 2004, when the Film tax Credit was first enacted, the film industry has spent over a BILLION dollars in the Illinois economy. Roughly half of that spending went directly to pay Illinoisans working on film and television projects. The film industry provides thousands of job opportunities -- everything from electricians, welders, construction workers, painters, truck drivers, accountants, hair and make-up stylists, actors, extras, caterers, security personnel to all types of office workers.

The indirect economic benefits of the film industry are apparent in scores of related retail and service industries including hotels, restaurants, rental car companies, office and equipment rentals, hardware stores, lumber yards, heavy machinery rentals, soundstages, storage facilities, grocery stores, janitorial services, payroll services and many more.

So while we don’t mind running into Matt Damon in Decatur or spotting  Angelina Jolie at a sidewalk café in Chicago, film in Illinois is about the people of Illinois. Movies, television shows and commercials are great for Illinois jobs and the Illinois economy.

FY21 Q1 IL Film Tax Credit Applications

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