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Notices of Layoffs and Closures (WARN)

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Local Workforce Innovation Areas (LWIAs) provide services to employers in the state of Illinois who are planning or have gone through a layoff.  Along with providing services, they, along with individuals and employers, have the ability to report layoffs in Illinois.

A WARN layoff is a plant closure or mass layoff. Under state law, employers must notify the state when they plan to lay off workers. This law is known as the WARN Act (Illinois Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act).

WARN Layoffs

Illinois WARN defines notice-triggering events differently than federal WARN.  Illinois WARN applies to employers with 75 or more full-time employees (excluding part-time workers) and requires employers to provide 60 days advance notice of pending plant closures or mass layoffs.

A “mass layoff” under Illinois WARN is a reduction in force at a single site of employment that is not the result of a “plant closing” and results in employment losses during any 30-day period (or, in some cases, during any 90-day period) of 25 or more full-time employees if they constitute one-third or more of full-time employees at the site, or 250 or more full-time employees.

WARN Monthly Reports

Click here to view monthly WARN reports issued since 1999.  Reports include only summary details on affected employers and their layoffs or plant closures.

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