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Illinois Office of Business Development

The Office of Business Development provides free and confidential services to companies seeking to locate or expand in Illinois. Our main focus is to retain and create jobs in Illinois by marketing to existing businesses - encouraging them to reinvest and create more jobs for Illinois citizens - and new businesses - inviting them to relocate, invest, and create new jobs.

Our statewide and regional teams provide one-stop support for clients, including collaboration at state, regional, and municipal levels and with private and nonprofit sectors, educational institutions, utilities, and transportation partners.

The Illinois Department of Commerce administers a portfolio of tax incentives, grants, and programs to help companies develop, redevelop, expand, locate, and relocate in Illinois. Illinois offers a highly competitive suite of incentives that may be available, including tax credits based on job creation; Enterprise Zone and High Impact Business (HIB) designations; Tax Increment Financing (TIF); workforce recruitment and training resources; nontraditional loans; and roadway, rail, and infrastructure support.

Programs and/or services include: