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Mapping Review

The Illinois Office of Broadband is currently reviewing Round 2 Connect Illinois grant applications. To assist this effort we've created the Connect Illinois Round 2 Proposals layer within the 'Grant Eligibility Map' that includes the proposed deployment footprint and a brief description for each project.

Before Connect Illinois broadband grants are awarded, applicants will have an opportunity to challenge the accuracy of the Grant Eligibility Map. Likewise, incumbent broadband providers will be allowed to challenge the eligibility of a grant application on the basis of current available broadband service or near-term planned broadband deployment.

Between now and 5pm on Monday, May 24, we're asking Connect Illinois stakeholders to reconcile these mapping layers against their own broadband service data and/or deployment plans. For instance, should any area of the map include proposed Connect Illinois broadband deployment AND understate existing service levels, we want to hear about it!

Specifically, please provide the Office of Broadband with shapefiles and/or specific location addresses that you can demonstrate have service at or above the program speed thresholds of 25/3 Mbps and/or 100/20 Mbps, respectively. Information to this end should be submitted to with the subject heading "Broadband Mapping: [and a brief area description].

This "mapping review" begins a conversation between the Office of Broadband and the Connect Illinois stakeholder. No awards will be made without an opportunity for dialogue on the mapping and service levels in question. The Office of Broadband is committed to making this process as user-friendly and transparent as reasonably possible, and we intend to learn and apply what we can from the processes introduced during the first round of the Connect Illinois grant program. To this end, we welcome all feedback as we seek to improve and refine this process moving forward.