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IFO Talent Development and Fiscal Sponsorship List

Talent Development

Academy Nicholl Fellowships - Writers
The Academy Nicholl screenwriting competition awards up to five $35,000 fellowships to amateur screenwriters. Fellowship winners are invited to participate in awards week ceremonies and seminars and expected to complete at least one original feature film screenplay during the Fellowship year.

Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts - Advocacy
Inclusion in the Arts promotes and advocates for full inclusion of artists of color and performers with disabilities at all levels of production in theatre, film, television, and related media. Our work also extends to audiences, particularly those belonging to underserved and historically excluded communities. Principal programs include the Advocacy, Consulting and Information Program; the Disability Initiative, which includes Disability in Entertainment and Arts Link (DEAL); and the National Diversity Forum.

American Black Film Festival - Writers/Comedians/Comedy Writers/Actors
The American Black Film Festival (ABFF) has a rich history of prestigious talent pipeline programs designed to identify, introduce and showcase talented artists — including directors, actors, writers and other content creators — to the industry at large. These unique programs are partnered with major entertainment media companies (i.e., HBO, NBCUniversal, Turner, BET, truTV, etc.) heightening the industry awareness of untapped talent and offering cash prizes along with career-enhancing opportunities for up-and-coming artists in mainstream Hollywood.

Austin Film Festival - Writers
At AFF, story comes first and foremost above all else. We fully acknowledge the hard work and passion you put into your script and, rest assured, your story is in good hands. Our team of readers are an integral part of the AFF family and their contribution over the past 25 years have helped launch the careers of many aspiring writers.

Big Break Screenwriting Contest - Writers
The Big Break Screenwriting Contest offers film and TV writers in 11 genres the chance to win up to $80,000 in cash and prizes. Grand prize winners also get flown to Los Angeles to meet with managers, producers and executives.

Blacklist - Writers
The Black List, an annual survey of Hollywood executives' favorite unproduced screenplays. 


Blue Cat - Writers
The Feature Screenplay Winner will receive $10,000. Four Feature Finalists will receive $1,000 each.  The Pilot Winners will receive $5,000, one Winner for half-hour pilots and one Winner for hour pilots. Four Pilot Finalists for both categories will receive $500 each.  The Short Script Winner will receive $5,000. Four Shorts Finalists will receive $500 each.  The Fellini Award will be awarded to the Best Screenplay from any category (Feature, Pilots or Short) of the 2019 Competition written by a screenwriter residing outside the USA and will receive $5,000.  All cash prizes will be disbursed 30 days after the winners are announced.  Every script submission will receive a written analysis as a part of their entry fee.

CBS - Writers/Directors/Sketch Comedy
The Diversity Institute has four components which are designed to provide program participants with access to the decision-making process in network television both in front of and behind the camera. Each of the elements offers a unique approach to professional relationship building and career development in Hollywood.

Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment - Writers
The CAPE New Writers Fellowship discovers and nurtures emerging writers launching their careers in television and film. This unique, immersive Fellowship arms each participant with the practical and business knowledge they need to succeed as a professional writer in the entertainment industry. Each session is taught by top television and film writers, producers, agents, managers, and executives through a series of intimate panels and discussions. The Fellowship also offers a Writing Lab, which matches each Fellow with a high-level industry mentor to help them revise their scripts into professional-level writing samples to get them noticed and land that all-important first job.

The Commercial Directors Diversity Program - Directors
The CDDP - Commercial Directors Diversity Program is a 6 month program consisting of workshops, mentorships, networking, shadowing, a 15k grant to make a spec commercial, and an industry showcase to share the work.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting – Educational/Documentary
CPB invests limited funds in the production of innovative, diverse content that aligns with CPB’s mission—to provide universal access to high-quality educational programming, especially to underserved audiences. CPB-supported content must be distributed through public media outlets, and with that in mind, collaborative ventures between independent producers and public media stations are highly encouraged. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) provides major funding for Black Public Media, Center for Asian American Media (CAAM), Latino Public Broadcasting, Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC) and Vision Maker Media.

Black Public Media
Black Public Media funds and distributes media content about the Black experience, and provides training and professional development to independent producers of color.

Center for Asian American Media (CAAM)
The Center for Asian American Media presents innovative, engaging Asian American works on public television through our dynamic documentary programs.

Latino Public Broadcasting
Latino Public Broadcasting is the leader of the development, production, acquisition and distribution of non-commercial educational and cultural media that is representative of Latino people, or addresses issues of particular interest to Latino Americans.

Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC)
The mission of Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC) is to support, advance, and develop Pacific Island media content and talent that results in a deeper understanding of Pacific Island history, culture, and contemporary challenges.

Vision Maker Media
Mission statement: Vision Maker Media empowers and engages Native People to share stories.

Disney | ABC Television Group’s (DATG) Creative Talent Development -Actors/Writers/Directors/Production
Disney | ABC Television Group’s (DATG) Creative Talent Development programs are instrumental in identifying and developing creative talent with multicultural voices and perspectives.

Film Independent Artist Development -Directing/Screenwriting/Producing/Episodic/Documentary/Distribution/Finance
Film Independent Artist Development promotes unique, independent voices by helping filmmakers create and advance new work.
Film Independent is proud to be a leader in the fight to make the film industry more inclusive. For a quarter-century, our most vital and effective program serving to accomplish that goal is Project Involve, an intensive nine-month program supporting filmmakers from communities typically underrepresented in film and entertainment.

Full Spectrum Features
Fiscal sponsorship is a formal arrangement between a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and mission-aligned projects, which allows filmmakers to access a range of funding sources that are only available to nonprofits — e.g., tax-deductible donations, foundation grants, cash awards from public and private arts agencies.

HBO Access - Writers/Directors
HBO Access provides mentorship, guidance, and education for creative minds from diverse backgrounds.

Humanitas - Writers
Every year, NEW VOICES selects two to four writers through a rigorous selection process. Candidates are asked to submit a writing sample and participate in personal interviews. Once matched with a mentor, the writers have three months to further develop their script under their mentors’ supervision. After the script is honed, HUMANITAS sends it to a partnering studio or network executive. The winning writers are given recognition at the annual awards ceremony and are awarded with a $7,500 grant.

ITVS - Documentary
Trailblazing Stories for Public Media - Partner with ITVS and we’ll give you the co-producing support you need to complete your project, every step of the way. 
Open Call - Open Call provides documentary funding and co-production support so you can complete your nonfiction work in progress, then air it on public television.
Digital Open Call - Digital Open Call offers research and development funding for you to pilot a story on public media digital platforms. Pre-production nonfiction projects only.
Diversity Development Fund - DDF gives producers of color up to $25,000 in research and development funding so you can develop your documentary for air on public television. Pre-production nonfiction projects only.
Series and Special Projects - We commission a limited number of innovative and timely projects for public media, providing development and production funding. Submissions for Series and Special Project funding are by invitation-only. This collection also encompasses documentary films funded through limited special open calls held over the years.

The Launch Pad - Writers
The Launch Pad is a place dedicated to launching writing careers. Going well beyond what other competitions offer, we have created a platform that has helped more than 254 writers launch their careers. Utilizing our three competitions - pilots, features and manuscripts - as well as our advanced coverage services, we provide a hub that reaches far beyond a simple prize with your name listed on a site. The Launch Pad is a community of writers, executives, agents, managers and producers working together with one focus in mind – THE WRITER.

National Latino Media Council (NLMC)/National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) Latino Television Writers Program - Writers
For over a decade, the NLMC/NHMC Latino Television Writers Program has yielded the next generation of talented writers. The five-week, Los Angeles-based, intensive program gives participants the opportunity to develop at least one television spec script under the guidance of an entertainment industry professional preparing them for writing program submissions, creative meetings and
potential series staffing.

National Association of Latino Independent Producers
Feature Film/TV Pilots/Digital Series/Documentary
The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) is a national membership organization that addresses the professional needs of Latin@ content creators. We stand as the premiere Latino media organization, addressing for close to 20 years the most underrepresented and the largest ethnic minority in the country. NALIP was founded in 1999 by a group of Latino producers, content creators, academics and media advocates.

NBC Universal Talent Infusion Programs,expanding%20the%20landscape%20of%20television


Talent Knows No Boundaries

New York Women in Film and Television - Writers/Directors
New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) advocates for equality in the moving image industry and supports women in every stage of their careers. As the preeminent entertainment industry association for women in New York, NYWIFT energizes women by illuminating their achievements, presenting training and professional development programs, awarding scholarships and grants, and providing access to a supportive community of peers.

Nickelodeon - Writers/Artists/Internships
We're always looking to the future, for both ideas and the craftspeople that bring groundbreaking new cartoons to life. Our content development is artist-driven, our work culture is collaborative, and our mentorship of talent is second to none.

Outfest - Writers/Actors/Filmmakers
The Outfest Screenwriting Lab started as a screenwriting contest in 1997 and became the cornerstone of our education and mentoring program, Outfest Forward. Twenty years later, this program has become an intensive three-day lab where industry professionals mentor the next generation of screenwriters. After the lab, these writers work with experienced Outfest directors to present their screenplays on stage with a live reading at Outfest Los Angeles. Screenwriting Lab Fellows will continue to receive guidance from Outfest Staff and Mentors for the full calendar year.
A scholarship program for trans and non-binary actors.
OutSet: The Young Filmmakers Project from the Los Angeles LGBT Center and Outfest empower LGBTQ youth ages 16-24 to share their stories through film. This program selects 15 diverse fellows to participate over the course of 6 months (January-July) in a storytelling and filmmaking lab focused on collaboration and mastering a successful production, culminating in 5 short films.

The Page - Writers
The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards competition was founded in the fall of 2003. Our goal? To discover the most exciting new scripts by up-and-coming writers from around the world and introduce them to Hollywood executives.

Script Pipeline - Writers
Now in its 17th year, the Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition seeks talented writers to connect with production companies, agencies, and managers. As one of the longest-running screenplay contests, we focus specifically on finding writers representation, supporting diverse voices, championing marketable, unique storytelling, and pushing more original projects into production.

Scriptapalooza - Writers
From choosing our judges to creating opportunities, our top priority has always been the writer. We surround ourselves with reputable and successful companies, including the many producers, literary agents, and managers who read your scripts.

Slamdance - Writers
The Slamdance Screenplay Competition is dedicated to discovering emerging writing talent. Since 1995 our organization has established a strong track record for identifying and supporting new screenwriters. We welcome screenplays in every genre, on any topic, from anywhere in the world. We provide basic feedback for every entrant and we also offer in depth coverage services.

Sundance Institute - Documentary Film/Feature Film/Film Music/New Frontier/Indigenous Program/ Theatre/ Distribution/Producing/Episodic Storytelling/Ignite/Catalyst Forum/Women at Sundance/
Diverse Storytellers/Composers Lab/Shorts Lab
Sundance Institute’s artist programs provide dynamic support at every step of the creative journey for individuals with distinct voices in film, theatre, film composing, episodic storytelling, and emerging platforms. Each program consists of Labs, Grants, Workshops, and Ongoing Resources for artists to nurture their projects and sustain their careers. Through year-round activities, we provide the space for artists to create and share their stories with the world. Since our inception, the Institute’s programs have supported more than 11,000 artists and fostered a community for independent storytellers to learn, grow, connect, and give back.

TRACKING B - TV Writers / Screenwriters
All entered scripts will be read by tracking staff who will select their top choices. Then, The Insider will consult with the industry panel to get their thoughts (based on concept/summary alone) on the top selections, and take their opinions into account in the final decisions.

Tribeca Film Institute - Scripted/Documentary/Interactive/Alumni
Creating opportunities for filmmakers through one-on-one guidance, genuine connections with industry professionals and over a million dollars annually in grants.

Universal Talent Development and Inclusion - Writers/Directors/Actors/Production
Launched in 2017, Global Talent Development & Inclusion (GTDI) leads the Studio's inclusion and diversity efforts. Under the leadership of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG) Chairman Donna Langley, GTDI works closely with UFEG's Production and Human Resources teams to identify and develop a pool of creative and workforce talent that builds upon the Studio's commitment to telling stories and creating art with multi-cultural, global perspectives. We are a resource for all divisions within UFEG including Universal Pictures, Focus Features, DreamWorks Animation, Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes.

Warner Bros Television Workshop - Writers/Directors
Every year, the Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop selects up to eight participants out of more than 2,500 submissions, and exposes them to Warner Bros. Television’s top writers and executives, all with the goal of earning them a staff position on a Warner Bros.-produced television show.  The Warner Bros. Television Directors’ Workshop is an initiative that introduces up-and-coming directors to prime-time television. With the backdrop of active Warner Bros. Television sets as the learning environment, and top television directors, cinematographers and showrunners as the instructors, those selected to the program will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop that is unparalleled in the industry. Directors will be taken through the full process of episodic directing, from what is expected during prep, to working collaboratively with actors and key crew during production, through post-production.

Women in Film - Mentorship
The Women In Film Mentoring Program nurtures emerging talent in the entertainment industry by connecting accepted Mentees with established professionals and peers who can offer advice and guidance. Mentees get the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the entertainment industry’s business practices and culture, focus their efforts, and hone skills. The goal of the WIF Mentoring Circles is to establish a safe and open environment to discuss issues relating to career objectives.

Writers Guild Foundation - Writers/Armed Services Veterans Writers
The Writers Guild Foundation recognizes that our mission to engage and educate emerging writers cannot be fulfilled without a deep commitment to equity and accessibility. Through our community programs, we aim to create pathways for students and underserved communities to meaningfully connect with WGAW membership and make use of our educational resources.

Writers Guild of America West - Writers
The mission of the TV Writer Access Project (“Project”) is to identify excellent historically underrepresented writers in order to provide a hiring resource for television writer-producers
WGAW Feature Writer Access Project, a program designed to identify excellent historically underrepresented feature film writers.
The Television and Digital Media Department seeks to engage and empower members in support of the Guild’s strategic objectives including contract enforcement, collective bargaining, organizing and public policy. The department also promotes the professional status of writers by supporting the annual Staff Writer Boot Camp, Showrunner Training Program, and other educational initiatives.

Fiscal Sponsorship

ACV acts as fiscal agent for film and media projects for individual artists.

The Film Collaborative
TFC’s Fiscal Sponsorship program provides financial services, competitive administrative fees, and the dependability of working with an established filmmaker support organization.

Film Independent
Film Independent is looking for unique projects from talented filmmakers ranging from first-time directors to those more firmly established in the indie film community. Fiscal sponsorship is an arrangement between an existing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and an individual or entity lacking the legal status needed to receive grants from foundations, individual donors and government agencies.

International Documentary Association
For almost 30 years IDA's fiscal sponsorship program has been helping independent documentary projects of all types get funded, finished and seen. Our fiscal sponsorship program is open to independent filmmakers and documentarians, regardless of education, background or previous credits. Whether this is your first film, if you've been making documentaries as long as we've been sponsoring them, or if you have an idea and a plan, we can help.

Independent Filmmaker Project Chicago
Receiving funding is one of the most challenging parts of independent filmmaking. Many foundations, corporations and governmental grant making organizations restrict funding of independent projects to tax-exempt organizations (aka not-for-profits or 501(c)(3) organizations). IFP Chicago’s Fiscal Sponsorship program was created to assist members applying for these funding opportunities. By lending our non-profit status to select films and filmmakers, our fiscal sponsorship program allows members to apply for and receive funding that is unavailable to individuals. This allows contributions to fiscally sponsored projects to be counted as charitable deductions on Federal tax returns.

Women Make Movies
As your fiscal sponsor, Women Make Movies acts as a non-profit tax-exempt umbrella organization that accepts and administers contributions made to your project. WMM is legally responsible for the funds received on behalf of fiscally sponsored projects and must insure that the funds are used for charitable activities, as agreed upon between the donor and recipient, and that the donor reporting requirements are met in a timely fashion. It does not mean that we are your producers, fundraisers, or in any way connected to the content or actual production of your project. All artistic and proprietary rights, title, and interest in and to the completed project will belong to the Project Director and may be copyrighted in Project Director's name.

*IFO does not endorse any of these organizations and while we strive to be comprehensive and inclusive to all organizations offering opportunities in entertainment in our curation, this list is for informational purposes only and is subject to change