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NEU Participant Timeline

​Date Key Activity
7/22/2021 NEU Portal launch

​7/23 – 9/30*

*1st tranche payments for NEUs submitting to the portal late in September will go out the 1st week in October.

​Within 30 days of an NEU’s submission to the portal the State will disburse 1st tranche payments to NEUs utilizing the payment information entered into the portal.

Note: before disbursing payment DCEO will first verify financial institution and authorized representative information with the Department of Revenue. Delays in verifying this information could impact payment timeline.


9/30 at 5:00pm CST

The NEU Portal will close at 5pm on September 30th.


  • There will be NO other opportunity for municipalities to apply for later distributions of CLFR funds.
  • By not responding to this opportunity NEUs surrender their full allocation of CLFR funds.
  • The state of Illinois will have no ability to accept and fund requests under tranche number two in 2022 if the NEU does not opt-in by this deadline.

​Under U.S. Treasury Guidance1 the state of Illinois must provide NEUs at least 60 days to request an allocation. The NEU team will make every effort possible to reach all NEUs which are eligible for an allocation.

However, on October 1, 2021 NEUs which have not responded in the portal or by other means2 with the required information are considered unresponsive. Allocations from unresponsive NEUs will be reallocated to responsive NEUs in strict accordance with Treasury’s Guidance.

​10/2 – 10/15 ​Over the first 10 business days of October the state of Illinois will calculate and distribute payments to those NEUs which have responded in the portal by the above deadline.

​The first report NEUs must submit to the U.S. Treasury is due on April 30, 2022, for the period ending March 31, 2022.

The NEU Team will be available to provide technical assistance  on the completion of this report.

To ask a question about the U.S Treasury Reporting Portal, please contact

​Late Summer / Fall of 2022 Approximately 12 months after the first tranche of NEU funding is disbursed, the State will disburse the second tranche of NEU funding. These payments will go to the same NEUs that received first tranche payments. Per Treasury guidelines, there will be no opportunity for the State to amend the list of NEUs eligible for the second tranche payments.
​April 30, 2023 ​Deadline to submit next annual Project and Expenditure Report via the U.S. Treasury’s portal, for the period of April 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023.
  1. Under FAQ 7.6 states should not determine that NEUs have been unresponsive, reallocate the remaining funds, and make a subsequent distribution until at least 60 days after the state begins accepting and processing requests for funding from NEUs.
  2. A goal for the NEU Team is to serve all NEU communities as efficiently as possible; this is best done when leveraging technology. We encourage all NEUs to request their allocation through the portal. If in the coming weeks we cannot reach all NEUs by using the portal, a mail-in option will be made available.