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Process To Request Funds

The NEU Portal is now closed. The following section outlines the process NEUs followed during the request period of July-October 2021. 

How do eligible NEUs receive their ARPA allocation?

Illinois is committed to releasing Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds in strict accordance with U.S. Treasury guidance. In following the Guidance on Distributions to Non-entitlement Units of Local Government established by the Treasury, Illinois determined the most efficient method for collecting required information is to set up a portal.

To receive your NEU allotment please follow the following steps:

  1. Review the Treasury's Checklist for Requesting Initial Payment.
    1. Please make sure you have a DUNS and that it is registered with
      Tip: your DUNS does not need to be registered to receive payment, but it must be registered to complete the April 30, 2022 compliance report.  
  2. Collect needed information for input into the portal.
    Elements for input into the portal:
    • Authorized representative information (name, title, email)
    • Contact person information (name, title, email, phone)
    • 9-digit taxpayer identification number
    • 9-digit DUNS number
    • Physical address
    • Total reference budget (see the NEU distribution guidance for details)
    • NEU banking information is no longer needed to initiate payment. DCEO will utilize payment information on file with the State of Illinois Office of the Comptroller. Contact the NEU Support Team with questions.

  3. Enter all required information into the portal. Please note, all elements requested in the portal are required by the U.S. Treasury. 

  4. Within The NEU Portal, NEUs will be asked to certify and acknowledge that funds will be used in accordance with Section 603(c) of the Social Security Act. In addition, NEUs must sign and upload copies of the Title VI Assurances and the Award's Terms and Conditions

  5. After portal completion NEUs can expect payment of 50 percent of the allotment in approximately 30 days; the other 50 percent of the allocation will be disbursed approximately a year later.

  6. NEUs that choose to decline their allotments of funds may do so through the portal.