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Illinois Future of Work Task Force

​The Illinois Future of Work Task Force was created by the Illinois Future of Work Act (Public Act 102-407) to be proactive and plan for the future of work while simultaneously addressing the state of work today. It consists of members that represent business, labor, education, and the environment, as well as members of the General Assembly and leadership from state executive agencies. Responsibilities of the Illinois Future of Work Task Force include:

  • identify and assess the new and emerging technologies that have the potential to significantly affect employment, wages, and skill requirements;
  • develop a set of job standards and working conditions that will ensure that future work in Illinois builds a vibrant middle class;
  • identify the potential jobs of the future and opportunities to shape those jobs for the improvement of life for all of Illinois;
  • compile research and best practices from other states and countries on how to deploy technology to benefit workers and the public good;
  • develop tools to assess the impact of proposed technologies and evaluate their costs and benefits on workers, employers, the public and the State;
  • identify policies and practices that will help businesses, workers, and communities thrive economically throughout the State of Illinois; and
  • propose workforce development, training, education, and apprenticeship programs for the jobs of the future.

The Illinois Future of Work Task Force shall issue a report based upon its findings to the Governor and the General Assembly no later than May 1, 2022, and is dissolved upon the filing of its report.

Task Force Members

A list of all appointees to the Illinois Future of Work Task Force is at the following link:

Task Force Report

On May 23, 2022, the Future of Work Task Force voted to approve the Future of Work Task Force Report.

Meeting Schedule

Illinois Future of Work Task Force meetings are open to the public and will occur once a month until April 2022. See the full anticipated schedule of meetings below. Meeting agendas will be posted here prior to the meetings. Meeting minutes will be posted here as they are approved by the task force.  For a summary of each task force meeting, see

For each meeting conducted via videoconference, you may find a link to the meeting as well as call-in information at the top of the agenda for that meeting posted below.

September 28, 2021
Overview: The Present and Future State of Work in Illinois
Worker Roundtable Discussion
Location: Olive Harvey College

October 25, 2021
Creating Jobs that Sustain and Uplift
Business Roundtable Discussion
Location: Webex, link and call-in info included in agenda document

November 30, 2021
New Technologies and Challenges Reshaping Work
Location: Elgin Community College

December 20, 2021
Education, Skills and Barriers
Government Roundtable Discussion
Location: Webex

January 31, 2022
Labor Benefits, Protections and Standards Enforcement
Location: Webex

February 25, 2022
Labor Benefits, Protections and Standards, cont.; Care Economy
Location: Webex

March 18, 2022
Transportation, Logistics, Green Jobs
Location: Webex

April 15, 2022
Report Review
Location: University of Chicago Crown Family School Library

May 23, 2022
Report Review and Approval
Location: WebEx