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Grant Basics Learning Library

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity presents the Grant Basics Learning Library to introduce new and potential grantees to the content, functions, and processes of grant programs. We encourage you to navigate this page at your own pace to familiarize yourself with key terms and procedures. To further your understanding, we encourage you to visit the Grant Requirements page to learn more about steps needed to become a successful grantee with DCEO.

The contents of the Grant Basics Library are necessary both before and during the life cycle of a grant program. Once in receipt of a grant award, grantees may return to the Grant Basics Quick Reference Library for guidance and instruction. Additional resources can be found on the GRANT MAINTENANCE page.

Overview of Programs

This presentation outlines DCEO’s mission and areas served, discusses major grant programs, and demonstrates where to find grant opportunities.

Preparing for a Grant with DCEO

In this presentation we will outline what to expect from being a Grantee with DCEO. If you are thinking of applying for a DCEO grant, we will walk you through the recommend steps to prepare for your grant application.

Notice of Funding Opportunities

In this presentation we will outline the function and contents of a notice of funding opportunity, where Illinois residents and organizations can find grant funding opportunities, and important tips and resources available.


In this presentation we will provide a brief overview of what pre-qualification means as well the sections of the pre-qualification process and your role in obtaining a pre-qualification status.

Budget Overview

In this presentation we will briefly discuss the purpose of a budget, identify budget expenditure categories, and discuss required signatures.

Capital Grants

In this presentation, we will discuss Capital Grants is their intended purposes, discuss how Capital projects must follow the bondability guidelines, requirements for the Business Enterprise Program or BEP, as well as Environmental reviews, Illinois Works Apprenticeship Program, and Prevailing Wage.

Capital Grant Budgets

In this presentation we will define what a Capital Grant is, allowable expenses for the funding, budget template and categories, the budget certification page, and tips on how to successfully complete the Budget Template.

Operating Grant Budgets

In this presentation, we will define an operating grant and its allowable expenses for funding, what the budget template looks like, budget expense categories, the Budget Certification page, and tips on how to successfully complete the Budget Template.


In this presentation, we will provide you with an understanding of audit requirements for grantees with the State of Illinois, review information about why and when audits are required of grantees, who covers audit costs, what different audits may be required and their different requirements, how to access your entity’s audit requirements in the GATA Grantee Portal, the steps for submitting the audit requirements in the portal, and other tips and resources.