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Upcoming Grant Trainings

Live Trainings offered by DCEO’s Office of Accountability

Curious about the grant lifecycle or wanting to learn more about the different facets of grants? Have a grant-related question that you would like answered in real time? DCEO is pleased to offer three training options for current and potential grantees: 

Interested in participating in a training session?

Virtual Office Hour Q & A - Tuesdays at 2pm:
Join for a virtual question and answer session via Webex in which potential and current Grantees may attend to ask questions and seek assistance. Technical Support Managers will be online to field questions, demonstrate steps, or provide instructions as needed to assist entities and individuals with the grant process. 

Pre-Qualification Training – 1st Wednesday of the month 9AM:
This slide presentation will cover Pre-Qualification requirements. Pre-qualification is required of all grantees with the State of Illinois and must be maintained throughout a grant program. To be in pre-qualified status means that all required registrations have been met and an entity is in good standing and able to conduct business with the State of Illinois. Join DCEO’s Technical Support Team as we explain each step in the pre-qualification process and how to get started. 

Various topics Training – 3rd Wednesday of the month 9AM:
This slide presentation will discuss important grant-related topics pertaining to grant management. Each month we will discuss a different component, process, or emerging practice that can benefit potential and existing grantees. Future topics offerings include:

  • 10/18/23 Overview of Grant Programs offered at DCEO: This training will give an overview of the different programs at DCEO from large scale capital projects to historic preservation, this will provide insight into the different program offerings
  • 11/15/23 Uniform Grant Agreement Overview: This training will explain the Uniform Grant Agreement, its contents, and important things for you to know as it is the contractual agreement between funding agencies and grantees once the grantee has accepted an award.
  • 12/20/23 Audits: This training will cover Audits as the State of Illinois uses audits to get assurances regarding the entity’s financial statements as part of monitoring an organization during the lifespan of their grant.