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CEJA Commissions and Councils

Energy Transition Workforce Commission

The Energy Transition Workforce Commission was created by the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (Public Act 102-0662) Commission shall produce an Energy Transition Workforce Report regarding the anticipated impact of the energy transition and a comprehensive set of recommendations to address changes to the Illinois workforce from 2020 through 2050. The Commission consists of members representing business, labor, environmental justice, the regional administrators of the workforce programs developed by CEJA, and leadership from state executive agencies.

The Energy Transition Workforce Report shall consist of information on the impact on current workers, including:

  • an accounting of all employees who currently work in fossil fuel energy generation, nuclear energy generation, and coal mining in the State;
  • the anticipated schedule of closures of power plants and coal mines across the State; and
  • an estimate of worker impacts due to scheduled closures.

The report shall also include information regarding the impact on communities and local governments, including:

  • changes in the revenue for units of local government in areas that have had or are facing a closure;
  • environmental impacts in those areas due to closures; and
  • the economic impacts of the energy transition.

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Energy Workforce Advisory Council

The Energy Workforce Advisory Council will advise and produce recommendations for further worker and contractor support priorities, federal, state, local, and private programs, resources, and activities. They will also review program performance metrics and make recommendations about administering the CEJA workforce and contractor programs.