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Illinois Works Contractor Resources

The Illinois Works Jobs Programs Act was specifically designed to increase equity within construction and the building trades both by providing needed support and resources to workers and contractors. Contractors are an integral part of developing a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable construction industry in the State of Illinois, and as a result are a central stakeholder in the success of all three Illinois Works Programs.

How do the Illinois Works Programs benefit contractors?

Do you want to earn bid credits to make your bids more competitive?

The Bid Credit Program provides bid credits or virtual dollars to contractors who hire and retain Pre-apprenticeship Program graduates. These bid credits can be earned by employing these graduates on private or public projects; earned bid credits can be used by the contractor to win state funded capital construction projects by making their bids more competitive.

Learn more about the Bid Credit Program 

Is your business interested in earning bid credits for use in future capital projects? Complete the Bid Credit Contractor Interest Form today!

Do you need to strengthen your business’s talent pipeline?

The Pre-apprenticeship Program funds training programs across the state to recruit, certify, prepare, and transition workers to Department of Labor registered apprenticeship programs and employment. These programs build a pool of skilled workers ready and able to begin working when you need them. This program is already producing a robust and growing talent pipeline for contractors to hire.

Learn more about the Pre-apprenticeship Program

Do you need to comply with the Illinois Works Jobs Program Act?

The Apprenticeship Initiative works directly with state agencies that fund construction capital projects ensuring they and their contractors comply with the Illinois Works Jobs Program Act. Besides ensuring contractors comply with the Illinois Works requirements, this initiative connects contractors on active projects to pre-apprentices and ensures contractors remain eligible for incentives related to hiring and retaining Pre-apprenticeship Program graduates.

Learn more about the Apprenticeship Initiative

For more information about these programs contact the Office of Illinois Works at