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Regulatory Flexibility Program

If you are a small business owner concerned about regulatory proposals that might affect your business, the Regulatory Flexibility Program works with business organizations and groups to determine ways to make rules more flexible, cost effective or less restrictive.  In some instances, small businesses may be exempted from compliance altogether. 

The Program is housed in the First Stop Business Information Center and serves as an ombudsman for small businesses.  Staff reviews every rule that state agencies propose and distributes information about these rules to the small business community. Feedback from the community is then sent for consideration to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR), a bipartisan legislative oversight committee that is authorized to review administrative rules proposed by state agencies. 

Our office works with state agencies to determine the impact of their rules on small entities and to consider alternatives to minimize that impact.  Illinois gives small business owners the opportunity to make their voices heard about rules that affect their interests.  Our Illinois Regulatory Alert highlights proposed rules that may affect small businesses.