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Grantee Requirements

Grant requirements are key to receiving grant funds and ensuring a successful program. To receive funding, grantees are required to submit various documentation, complete registrations, and obtain and organize other necessary items. Within this page, you will find resources to help establish your Pre-Qualification. Pre-qualification means that a grantee is in “Good Standing” with the State of Illinois. To be in good standing means that a potential grantee has taken the necessary steps to be deemed eligible to receive grant funding. 

The table below is not an exhaustive list of grantee requirements. Each notice of funding opportunity will vary in terms of what is expected. It is up to the grantee to ensure they have thoroughly reviewed their Notice of Funding Opportunity and eventual Uniform Grant Agreement for what is expected of them. 

To learn more about these requirements, we encourage you to explore the resources found within the GRANTEE BASICS QUICK REFERENCE LIBRARY and in the GRANT BASICS LEARNING LIBRARY.

Grantee Requirements Quick Reference Library

Topic ​Description
Pre-Award Costs What if I spent money before the grant period?
Prior Written Approvals What needs to be approved ahead of time?    
Procurement​ ​All goods and services must follow procurement standards in 2 CFR 200. This document describes how to comply with those standards.
Interest Bearing Account Grant funds must be maintained in an insured and interest-bearing account.
Administration vs. Programmatic Costs What is the difference between administration and programmatic costs?
Indirect Cost and Indirect Cost Rate
The rate applicable to costs not tied directly to the grant.
Sexual Harassment Policy Requirements
​All grantees are required to have a policy that addresses sexual harassment in the workplace that meets specific requirements.
Conflict of Interest Policy Guidance​ DCEO suggests you create a Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure grant funds are spent appropriately.​

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